About Us

The Pharoahs Car Club

General information

A)     The pharaoh was founded in 1948, celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018, which has chapters throughout the US and d abroad.  The Pharoahs started in Modesto California where the story plot of the movie American Graffiti took place.

The younger school kids in Modesto formed the Fraternity called the Faros in 1957.  There were too young to be in the adult car club made up of WWII & Korean War Vests called the Pharoahs.  The Faros were the group that George Lucas wrote about in the movie.  They were his classmates.  Both clubs trace their roots to Modesto, with the Pharoahs history going back years prior to the Faros.

Because of copyright matters, the movies used a different spelling altogether.

B) The Pharoahs has chapters throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Usually each state having one chapter.

The Pharoahs is all about:

No nonsense

No power struggles

No infighting

No control seekers

No elections

We keep it simple. 

Each chapter has their own officers approved by the International President of the Pharoahs who oversee their state.

C)      There are 3 levels of Pharoahs membership

1.       Support member:  There is no fee to become a supporting member.  You will have access to all Pharoahs ‘Supporter’ apparel.

2.       Regular Member:

This is a Lifetime membership that entitles you to all the privileges of a Pharoahs member, with access to all Pharoahs products, general meetings and events.

3.       Officer Member:
This is a lifetime membership, but the member has also been appointed a rank designation and responsibilities in the operation of the chapter.  Officer members generally start as Regular Members and through interest, involvement and willingness, are promoted.

Additionally, items such as jackets, shirts, will have members names, rand and insignia placed on the apparel items.

There is a ONE TIME fee of $70 USD to become a lifetime member. 

This also includes and aluminum ‘Drag Plaque’, window stickers and a club logo key chain.

D)     By joining the Pharoahs you will proudly be part of the car culture history.

E)      We offer Pharoahs club gear for you to purchase; shirts, hats, jackets, banners, window stickers

F)      Many chapters throughout the world have their own Facebook page which you can visit, friend and correspond with, making new friends worldwide!

2) Local

Generally, chapters are regional in area, such as State or Province wide however, sub-chapters can exists to support local areas too great a distance to participate in events and activities.

a) The solution for the individual of a group, who life in areas, which do not have ‘local’ clubs

b) an opportunity for those who do belong to a local car club to ‘in addition’ join car culture/American graffiti era-history and be a ph.  We do not want or encourage people to leave any car club and join us.

c) Not about; conflict, power struggle, elections, infighting

Officers are appointed and remain leaders of each chapter

d) all about respect for chapter officers and mother chapter

e) All about keeping it simple-there is no additional charge for your wife, spouse, and family to be members. Club clothing is available for purchase in sizes for both women and children.

f) On occasion, hold non-mandatory gatherings at a restaurant at a convenient location.  Purpose being, to get to know each other and fellowship.

g) Encourage Pharoahs from all parts to visit other car club events and ‘represent’ by wearing our club gear and displaying club banners.

h) Seek to donate to help wounded troops and support national organization “Operation First Response”.

i) Inform members continuously of news, updates, events, locally and nationally.

j) Plan to hold chapter cruise nights, car shows if desired.

k) Encourage all members to follow all Pharoahs Facebook pages, not just our chapter

l) Plan to announce non-pharoah club events that members will be attending throughout the state/province and out of state/province.  In case fellow members want to cruise together as a group or seek out each other upon arrival.

3)      Members can:

a)      Purchase club gear through the mother chapter
hats, shirts, banner, jackets, drag plaques, tag (license plate) toppers, sweatshirts and more.

b)      In their local area, hold cruise night or car show with guidance from chapter officers and national officers.

c)       Attend Pharoahs national events announced by mother chapter

d)      Call our president ANYTIME to have questions answered or make suggestions.  Remember, he is on California time.

e)      Make suggestions at any time to chapter officers

f)       Donate funds raised at their local events to charities approved by chapter officers

Member consideration process

All interested in joining MUST contact the chapter by way of email, through Facebook or directly contact and leave a phone number for an officer to personally contact you.

b) A club officer will call you and make sure you have a clear understanding of who we are, how are governed and our expectations.

Individuals are encouraged to view our website and Facebook pages to follow events and information.

c) The final step; you will be given a link to pay your member fees to the Pharoahs club president.