Don Orlandi Film Nostalgia

Don Orlandi Film Nostalgia

Orlandi grew up in Sonoma, CA and had always had a strong interest in cars. His first job was sweeping the floors for Barsotti's Body and Fender in San Rafael. He was always trying to get the employees to teach him how to paint.

Pretty soon he had the shop guys teaching him how to do body work. They were always willing to help a young kid learn the business.

Don picked it up very quickly, soaking up the techniques like a sponge. While attending high school in 1970 his father and Dennis Close started Close and Orlandi Body Shop. Don immediately began working in the new shop part time. After graduating from Mount Tamalpias High School in 1971, Don attended Marin Junior College studying Auto Shop for two years while continuing to work in his dad’s shop painting cars.

During his time as a student at community college he had aspirations of becoming a teacher and sharing his knowledge with others however, in order to get a teaching degree he would need to take several more years of school and that cost money.

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